A Trendsettin Legacy

They call me Goldie -
" trendsettahh herself ".

A Trendsettin Legacy turned 4 today!

Fitting Room Flossy

Movinci X Trendsettahh X M Killa - Big Blunts

When I see a car parked on the side of the road by woods, I automatically think someone is dumping off a dead body.


Forever Yours - Trey Songz

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Bored shit. Follow me on vine though y’all. @trendsettahh

Hey yall.

The Morning.

Ig: trendsettahh

I don’t claim to be no videographer but I was really bored and decided to make this video of my sister. I know its kinda corny but this is what you get with a low budget lol.. anyways her tumblr is sincerelymaliya.tumblr.com Song: Before Death by Whoarei

Im open to all criticism, so let me know what you think!

Lol from my vine. I was tryna say funky ass bug..

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